Monday, April 27, 2009

What's the deal with WAYN?

So every Monday, I blog about a social networking site that all the innovators and early adapters yawn at, the mainstream feels some varying degree of familiarity and the laggards skip over to more important things for them like changing the record because the needle is hitting the edge.

Today, I feel is one of those necessary sites. WAYN which stands for What are you now? is part of a large family of social networking sites related to the travel industry. It's connected to facebook and twitter - so you can login through your facebook account and your tweets are synonymous with your "what are you up for doing?". You can post pictures, blogs, reviews and videos. And you can also plan trips, search trips, and if you've added the "where have you been" app that's also integrated on the WAYN site.

While the design is very nice -- clean and simple -- I'm still struggling with what gives this site an edge. They receive 32,936 unique visitors daily according to and receive an estimated 258.4K US people monthly according to That's no or and for get about playing in the leagues of and, but you have to admit in the land of a dime a dozen of social networking sites, it's pretty good.

Let me know what you think about Is it another site you'll use when traveling or just another social networking site in the pack that's getting left behind?

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